The Origin of the Mini-Golden Retriever

Many people are aware of the mini golden retrievers, but how well do you know these dogs? Are you aware of their origin? Well, they are called designer dogs mostly because of their incredible look and their unique crossbreed. To refresh your memory a bit, here is brief info about the origin of the mini golden retriever.

They came into being in the early 2000s

Basically, its believed that the first mini golden retriever was created back in 2003. It was and is still known as the Comfort Retriever. The developer of this breed was herself Kathy Burgess, who crossbred a Cocker Spaniel and a Golden Retriever. However, they wanted to try something different from the Comfort Retriever since they were not convinced it was a perfect match. Here is where the poodles came into the mix.


  The Ancestors


Golden Retrievers


The father of them all is the Golden Retriever. This is the major and dominant breed of the two. The Golden Retrievers were officially registered back in 1925. Their long existence made them become the third most kept dog breed in the US. Millions of American families have the Golden Retriever as their pet.



The American Kennel Club states that these adorable dog breeds originated in Germany. They believed that the poodles were used as water retrievers, which is why they are mostly crossbred with the golden retrievers. These were much older than the Golden Retrievers in terms of The American Kennel Club Registration. They were included in the registry back in 1887, and they come in three main types. There are the toy poodle, mini poodle, and standard poodles.


Cocker Spaniels


These are the other types of dog breeds that are crossbred with the Golden Retrievers. They are also much older than the golden retrievers, having been listed in the American Kennel Club back in 1878. It is believed that these dogs were then used to hunt games like the woodcocks. They are the least popular dog breeds in America out of the three.


For that, you should know that some mini golden retrievers will have the poodle genes, while others have the Cocker genes. Whichever of the two breeds, be sure that you understand their temperaments and if you can get along with them. If you don’t understand, you can still ask your breeder to explain the breeds further to you.

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