About Us

Tropical Fish Aquarium - Free photo on Pixabay

Professionals in the Acclimatization and Sale of Live Pet Fish.

We have been professionals in the acclimatization and sale of live fish for more than 20 years and our reputation has been built on our know-how. Our many species are carefully selected, to allow you to buy the best product under the best conditions. We sell them to you directly to give you attractive prices.

The professional installations at the Fish Hatchery In Thailand Racha allow us to acclimatize in aquariums many species of fish while respecting the characteristics of each one of them as well as possible. Our fish are always well cared for and it shows … Our staff strictly adhere to hygiene standards that allow you to buy high-quality fish.

The Satisfaction of Aquarists

We share the same passion as our aquarist customers and we know what your aquarium means with time and attention. It is with your passion in mind that we select the varieties of fish that will give you always renewed pleasure.