Mistakes That Make Our Dogs Hate Bathing

Have you ever stopped to think that bathing is torture for dogs? Far from being absolute truth, the rejection they develop towards bathing is caused more by the mistakes of those who control their hygiene than anything else.

Sometimes our little friend’s aversion to bathing is such that even the owner starts to consider the shower as a problem and a source of stress, given the reactions of his pet.

So that this doesn’t happen to you, we’ll show you below the most common mistakes that make our dogs hate bathing.

Bathing in cold or very hot water

Everyone knows that the temperature of the water is essential for bathing to be a pleasant and relaxing time.  However, when it is too cold or too hot, it can cause not only discomfort but injuries and even illness.

Many owners make the mistake of not worrying about this, bathing their dogs in very cold or very hot water, depending on the situation. Obviously, this will make the furry scared of this kind of experience.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, the ideal is to use lukewarm water. It will make your cockapoo feel better even during the summer.

Splashing him with water as a punishment

Incredibly, there are owners who, to punish their pets, splash some water on them. This also causes fear at bath time, as animals may associate it with a type of scolding.

The consequences of this act often go beyond the simple rejection of bathing. This type of punishment can generate emotional imbalances in the dog, who will think he did something wrong to be bathing.

Do Not Brush their teeth aggressively

Bad news for some, brushing a cockapoo’s teeth is extremely important for dental and general health. Failure to do so can cause various types of diseases.

Brushing a restless dog’s teeth is very difficult for both you and him. The worst you can do, however, is make the mistake of many and brush aggressively and hastily.

By doing so, you can end up hurting your furry without realizing it and will make the next few times very problematic, not only when brushing it, but also when bathing it.

If you want none of this to happen, follow the advice below:

  • Use flavored toothpaste;
  • Never use products made for humans. They can be harmful to the health of animals;
  • Brush your cockapoo’s teeth on occasions other than bathing so he gets used to it.

Do Not Bathe him violently

Another very common problem that people commit, either out of inexperience or because of some difficulty. Bathing our four-legged friend violently will only make him hate bathing with all his might.

When soaping the dog’s body without due delicacy, can cause pain or fear, causing the animal to try to escape this uncomfortable situation at all costs.

So be as gentle and gentle as possible when bathing him, whether using your hands or a special sponge. That way, your little friend will be calmer, will enjoy this moment, and will behave well on the next occasions.

Dogs need patience!

The dog is an instinctive animal, which will reject or accept certain things depending on previous experiences and the behavior of its owner. If you always treat him calmly, patiently, and affectionately, your pet will no longer be afraid of bathing and, who knows, will even start to enjoy it.

A good Cockapoo breeder will help you learn how to properly bathe your dog as he enjoys.
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