Do You Need A Termite Inspection?

Termites are a silent and highly destructive pest. Throughout our years carrying out termite treatments we have been able to verify the damage that they can cause, in many cases requiring repair by a carpenter or cabinetmaker. This domestic pest can be a significant economic outlay if it is not detected in time. And it’s important to note that these little bugs can eat your property for years undetected. Even very expensive historic buildings have been infested for 2-3 years or more before they were detected.

Due to the sneaky nature of these insects, the difficulty of detecting their presence, and the extreme cost of the damage they inflict, a professional termite inspection is imperative to protect your investment.

Why Perform A Termite Inspection?

At Turbo Termite we have been treating homes and businesses for 20 years. During these years we have learned a lot about termites. When a client requests a termite inspection, we send a qualified technician to your home to do a thorough search in and around the home or commercial building. During the inspection, these are some of the things the technician will check:

  • Termite movement. Termites eat wood from the inside out, so they can’t be seen easily. Our technicians have received the relevant training and have the necessary tools that allow them to detect termite activity even inside a structure.
  • Mud tubes. Termites build mud tubes to avoid going outside, where the weather could kill them. An inspector knows exactly what they look like and where to find them.
  • Wood damage. If there is termite activity on wooden structures inside or outside the home, there may be visible damage. A trained eye is capable of detecting and recognizing this damage.
  • Reproductive termites. When a nest of termites matures, it begins to produce reproducers (males and females), with wings, which give it the ability to leave the termite mound in search of a suitable place to form a new colony. While these swarms are an easy sign to recognize, owners often miss this sign because these swarms only appear for short periods. But these reproductive termites leave behind signs that a professional trained in this type of pest will recognize.

Turbo Termite can provide an effective treatment if you suspect termite activity in your home or business. Our termite control service is designed to eliminate termite problems effectively and permanently. In addition to a thorough inspection, the service includes:

  • The installation of the termite colony elimination system.
  • Continuous monitoring of termite activity.
  • Regular maintenance of systems.

Call us today and request a detailed real estate termite inspection, the first step in getting rid of them before it’s too late and expensive repairs have to be made. This type of treatment is usually quite expensive, however, we consider that we have one of the best offers both in price and service.