Do You Leave Your Dog On The Roof? We Explain Why It Is A Bad Idea

If you’re considering leaving your dog on the roof, or the 2nd floor of an apartment, there are a few things you should consider before making the decision. We know that for reasons of space or other reasons, sometimes the idea of ​​having the dog on the roof can be attractive, but the reality is different. For this and more reasons we explain why he is bad.

Social Contact

Prolonged isolation can cause depression in dogs, especially when they are dog breeds that are socially active, either from humans or other dogs. Therefore, being in a space away from the rest of the family members, you will feel abandoned.


In general, pets that live on rooftops suffer from hunger and thirst when they are in an area far from the house, and this is because not having your dog nearby will make it much more difficult for you to remember to change the water or feed it.

Health Problems

The lack of cleanliness and the deplorable environment are some of the scenarios that a dog can find on a 2nd floor. If you want your dog to live on second floor unit, you will have to make sure that the space has the ideal conditions to avoid health problems associated with a lack of hygiene.


Pets that live in areas of the house that face the street are more prone to accidents. If your dog is curious or bossy, every time he notices a person on the street or even another animal, he could get injured or even try to jump off the roof. In addition, if your pet falls from the roof, he can suffer from fractures, internal bleeding, or even die.


Depending on how your roof is, your dog will be vulnerable to any change in temperature or even a storm. Also, because it is an open-air space, the wind could make it cold in winter or even dehydrate it in the summer.

Instead of leaving your furry buddy on the roof, you can opt to take him to a reputable San Diego Dog Boarding kennel – Margale Pet Kennels in Southern California. There, you’ll be sure of professionals taking care of your dog and avoiding any physical or emotional damage to the dog.